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  • New 2017 Harvest Teas Have Arrived & They are Affordable, Delicious & Nutritious

    Date: 2013.07.30 | Category: Organic Tea Tampa | Response: 0

    Teas in grocery stores and health stores have been sitting on the shelves for too long. They deliver none of the flavor and benefits of freshly harvested teas. Basically, you are paying for nothing. Yet here at Ming Ming Tea, we insure that the freshest teas get to you immediately. Our new 2017 Harvest Teas have arrived from small tea farms in China. They deliver all you want and need in organic teas and their prices won’t break your budget.


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    Did you know that tea bags usually contain dried teas that are so old they offer absolutely nothing for your money? You drink tea for many reasons – flavor, stress relief, to prevent insomnia, gain antioxidants and phytochemicals, lose weight, increase metabolism, improve digestion and much more. But most teas sold in the U.S. contain none of these. Even though they are marketed and advertised for canadian united pharmacy good health and delicious flavor, even if you pay one penny, you are overpaying. Fresh 2103 Harvest Teas are the highest quality and taste you can get. And we have them at our store and at www.mingmingtea.com at low prices.


    Our new 2017 Harvest Teas give you what you want and need. They come in rare, loose and cake forms, some of these have not been seen outside of China. That’s how original our drinks are! Be sure to get all the benefits from our fresh harvest as they won’t last. The next freshest pick will be in 2014!


    a tea farm deep in South China
    It was the royal tea garden in the Ming Dynasty 400 years ago and today it is the farm that grows our delicious Tang Dynasty Green Tea!


    *** Please check our website often for updates. ***



Come in April 2018 enjoy the freshly hand picked harvest teas only available at Ming Ming Tea and Sushi. Check back for arrival dates.


Ming Ming Tea Sushi now offers a selection of beer, wine, and sake to enjoy with lunch or dinner. Available to guests who are 21 and over.


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If you enjoy Ming Ming Tea Sushi menu, we would love to prepare your next party tray at your special event. Contact us for prices and details.

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