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  • Fresh Organic Tea at Low Prices

    Date: 2013.07.06 | Category: Organic Tea Tampa | Response: 0

    Attention all tea lovers, health nuts, tree huggers, supporters of organic farming, those interested in losing weight, wanting organic anti-aging products that taste great, and anyone else who enjoys an exquisite cup of tea:

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    In a world full of chain businesses, powdered mix, instant drinks, and unhealthy options pretending to be organic, true, healthy, delicious finds are often times difficult to locate. So often the “organic” products we do find end up being sprayed with the same pesticides as the non-organics and have low, if any, of the promised nutrients.

    Promises of tea bags that will deliver tranquility, fresh flavors, pain relieve, antioxidants, phyto chemicals, peace of mind, improve digestion and metabolism, fat loss and so much more are empty promises. Why so? Teas that aren’t fresh are basically dead and dried. They have been sitting on the shelves of grocery stores and even health food stores for who knows how long. So they deliver nothing beneficial; only empty promises and large price tags for what you get.

    As we all know, here in the U.S., it’s hard to find affordable high quality organic products. It’s as if the less processing and chemicals, the higher the price. This is sad but true. We at Ming Ming Tea discovered this years ago upon having come from China where there is no separation of foods into health food and junk food. Food and health go hand in hand.

    We were saddened and shocked that dehydrated teas usually came in tea bags. Even the companies that claimed to offer the freshest organic and natural ones were selling expensive teas loaded with heavy marketing and no health benefits. This is opposite of how things are done in China. In fact, the ancient tea growing and hand picked tea leaves tradition still continues.

    And that’s how Ming Ming Tea (and the soon-to-be-open Ming Ming Cafe) came about. The owner grew up on her family’s tea farm in China. She was shocked when coming to America with her husband at the poor quality of tea available. Nowhere could affordable high quality organic teas be found. Her desire and passion is to deliver what is available in Asia here to the USA at an affordable price. If you expect tea bags, and cellophane wrapped boxes then you are in the wrong place. We offer more than a store. We offer an experience into a world of flavors, health, workshops and free samples to teach you the wonders of ancient China. We offer affordable organic teas that come directly from the most recent harvests. Our teas are fresh, high in nutrients, and handpicked by famers whose rich history is steeped viagra 50 mg pfizer in high quality and freshly grown tea. In fact, many customers tell us that they can use our loose leaf teas more than once because they are so fresh and flavorful. Ming Ming Tea leaves rehydrated when water is added and turn into full blooms and large leaves. They are that fresh!

    Our standard for the products that we bring to you is high. Like anything, tea leaves are affected by their environment and the Huang Tea Farm is the perfect place for growing these. The leaves are grown in the rich soil of an isolated mountain. The air is pure and the water is clear and crisp. Only the best leaves are chosen. They are immediately steamed to halt oxidation, locking in all the nutrients. This is unusual as most tea that Americans run across comes from fermented and nutrition-less leaves. It is then packed at the farm and air shipped so three days after leaving china you can purchase fresh and amazing quality of tea.

    Stop in for a free tasting. We’ll prepare a cup or two for you. Also, taste the delicious Goji berries we have. Loaded with more antioxidants than most fruits, the price is very afffordable. If you have extra time, sit down with Gregg and hear some of his tales about the art of making tea. You’ll enjoy the more-than-just-tea experience.

    So much is in store for you – literally. And one big surprise -Ming Ming Café is coming soon! We’re adding our affordable organic teas to delicious bubble tea. Using real organic milk and fresh fruit, our upcoming beverages will get you addicted to healthy, flavorful fun. Enjoy a refreshing tea that you’re used to or try something new such as the smooth, nutritious Macha (finely milled green tea) in one of our delicious lattes. You’ll forget how nutritious the freshest ingredients can be.

    The new cafe will also serve coffee. Local coffee connoisseurs will be delighted to find that Ming Ming Café will use Kahwa Coffee Roasting Company for all their coffee needs. The new addition will be right next door to our current Ming Ming Tea store. Lounge in our sitting area, grab your laptop or mobile device as we’ll have free Wi-Fi. Savor delicious sandwiches and snacks while sipping on hot or cold drinks.

    There’s much in store for you at Ming Ming Tea store and Ming Ming Cafe. More details and menu are on their way! Visit our store on Central Ave. in St. Pete (close to Treasure Island) and www.mingmingtea.com. We’ll keep you posted on the new Ming Ming Cafe.



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