• Puer Teas



    Aromatic black pu-erh tea leaves.

    Puer tea is a very special category of tea only from southwestern China. In ancient times, this tea was traded in the small town of Puer, hence the name. The traditional way to process puer tea is to use sun dried green tea (mao cha) compressed into cakes to make it easy to store and transport. While the tea cakes were being transported through rough terrain to the markets of Tibet, India and Laos, it naturally fermented creating a smoother taste legendary for supporting digestion. It takes many years to naturally ferment green puer, however, in recent times, tea masters have found how to ferment the green mao cha in a very short time to create the desired black puer tea taste and aroma. In general, green puer tea has a strong robust taste with a hint of smoky flavor. Its complex aftertaste fills the mouth. Conversely, black puer tea has a smooth slippery flavor and lightly sweet aftertaste. Both can be infused over five times while maintaining their original fragrance and taste. Mao cha is a blend of tea leaves compressed into traditional shapes like round cakes, bricks, tuocha and melon-shaped, each with their own unique history. More recently, loose puer tea has become available allowing tea drinkers to appreciate the many different grades and flavors of puer tea.


    Puer Teas (Ripe/Cooked) or (Raw)

    Puerh Tea Tampa

    Yunnan Province

    Description: Puer teas come from Yunnan province and will improve with age. Some are still drinkable at age 50. They come in green, black, white and brick tea. These are teas that have medicinal qualities and are highly prized by the connoisseur. The tea leaves are withered, then, still slightly moist, they’re heaped into piles where a bacterium creates a reaction. The leaves are then dried loose or compressed into tea bricks or cakes. According to a Song dynasty scientific reference, the peoples of the Yunnan-Tibet border have drunk Puer since the Tang dynasty. The troops of Kublai Khan, “pacifying” the southwest after the 13th century Mongol conquest, are said to have introduced Puer to the rest of China for its medicinal value. Bricks of Puer tea constituted the first medium of monetary exchange used by nomads beyond the Great Wall of China, recorded in Chinese records as early as A.D. 476.


    Available Types: Red Rose, White Chrysanthemum, Ancient Shu Arbor Tree Black, NotoGinseng, Lotus Leaf, Sweet Rice, Osmanthus Flower, Jasmine, and 2005 High Grade Shu Black


    Mini Tuo cha High Grade Black ” Ripe ” Cakes

    The popularity of black puer tea cakes led to the creation of these smaller cakes. They allow tea drinkers to enjoy these perfectly measured tuochas and are very convenient for travel. This black puer is made from young leaves with some buds to create a smooth and lightly sweet taste with red overtones.


    Our Mini ” Raw” Tuocha is a perfectly measured tea convenient for travel. Many flavors to choose have been added to create a soothing fragrance and a light sweet flavor. A great choice for people new to puer wanting the richness of puer with a lighter taste.


    Ancient Shu Arbor Tree Green ” Raw ” Cakes

    This traditional green puer cake made from a blend of early spring buds and fresh young leaves. The tea liquor appears light yellow and clear with a lingering aroma and robust taste. Note the sweet and rich aftertaste. This tea is an excellent candidate for drinking now or storing for later as it will improve with age.



    $ 12.99 (20-pc) / $24.99 (50-pc)


    White Puer Tea Price: $ 13.99 (20pc)


    Superior Golden Bud (KING Grade) Black Puer Tea Price: $ 10.00 (10pc)


    Aged Yunnan Puerh ( Plum Blossom) Fermented

    Yunnan Province

    Description: The Tea’s color is a bright orange and the taste is smooth and sweet with a fragrant after taste. It can be described as collectible and is a good choice for a drink that will feel like the cool breeze of spring.


    Price: $ 49.99 / 357g Cake


    Aged Yunnan Puerh (Pine) Fermented

    Yunnan Province

    Description: Selected from the Yunnan, Lancang River middle and lower reaches from high-quality, large-leafed 100 year old tea trees. It has a compact, rounded soft cake shape; the tea is bright red-brown color, smooth and sweet.

    Price: $ 49.99 / 357g Cake


    Aged Yunnan Puerh (Bamboo) Fermented

    Yunnan Province

    Description: This tea is made from Yunnan-leafed quality fresh tea leaves refined fat and thick, the appearance of the cake is rounded and soft with an elegant fragrance and a long aftertaste. The Tea is a bright reddish brown color; the taste is smooth and sweet.


    Price: $ 49.99 / 357g Cake


    Yunnan (Dali) Puerh Fermented Cake

    Yunnan Province

    Description: It is processed and fermented, with a unique formula and technique, from the Spring buds of the hundred-year old, wild arbor tea trees growing along the coast of LanCang River in LinCang, Yunnan Province. This tea has benefits for the stomach. The tea is bright red-brown in appearance, with a smooth taste that is slightly sweet and mellow.


    Price: $ 49.99 / 357g Cake


    Yunnan (Chunhui) Puerh Fermented Cake

    Yunnan Province

    Description: Processed with a unique formula and carefully selected Spring buds of the hundred-year old, wild arbor tea trees growing along the coast of Lancang River in Lincang, Yunnan Province. It is the typical representative of Pu-erh tea in Yunnan, and it is excellent for collection and pleasing to drink. The tea is a brilliant red-brown in appearance with a smooth, fragrant taste that is slightly sweet and mellow.


    Price: $ 34.99 / 357g Cake