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    We supply pure herbs, herbal teabags,herbal concentrate, herbal seed oil and herbal extract powder. Herb is a plant that is valued for qualities such as medicinal properties, flavor, scent, or the like. Herbs have a variety of uses including culinary, medicinal, or in some cases even spiritual usage. General usage differs between culinary herbs and medicinal herbs. In medicinal or spiritual use any of the parts of the plant might be considered “herbs”, including leaves, roots, flowers, seeds, resin, root bark, inner bark (cambium), berries and sometimes the pericarp or other portions. We supply many kinds of herbal teas(also called health care teas) such as diet tea, fat-removal tea, anti- constipation tea,ginseng tea, liver comfort tea,stomach comfort tea, energy-tonic tea, hypertension regulating tea, intoxication combating tea,blood sugar- lowering tea, internal heat -reducing tea, noxious-discharge beauty-keeping tea, cold clearing tea, nourishing lung and larynx tea, improve mind and memory tea, eyes-bright tea,  ginkgo tea,honeysuckle tea etc.


    Long Leaf Kuding Tea

    Green Tea Tampa

    Description: This herbal tea is very popular in China to cool the throat and upper respiratory system from the effects of the common cold. Sichuan Kuding is a small leaf bitter tea with a smoother taste.


    Price: $ 12.39 / 2oz. Bag


    Organic Roselle

    Description: Roselle(Hibiscus Sabdariffa) has been used in folk medicine as a diuretic and mild laxative, as well as in treating cancer and cardiac and nerve diseases. Although information is limited, the potential for hibiscus use in treating hypertension and cancer, as well as for its lipid-lowering and renal effects, are being investigated.


    Price: $ 5.00 / 2oz. Bag


    Snow Mountain Chrysanthemum

    Description: Snow Chrysanthemum tea is a rare and highly sought after high altitude flower tea from Kunlun Mountain in Gansu province. The tea is picked and sun-dried once a year (late summer), then hand-sorted into various grades. We offer only the highest grade available!

    A lovely tea with strong sweet and spicy flavor, it can be brewed alone or with other teas (like ripe pu-erh). It’s a great tea to drink after dinner and has no caffeine. It is thought that properties within the chrysanthemum flower have a calming effect and aids sleep. In the Traditional Chinese Materia Medica Snow Chrysanthemum is described as aiding respiratory fitness, regulating blood pressure and preventing cancer.

    Regardless of any health claims this is foremost an enjoyable drink. Try mixing 1/10 with ripe pu-erh for a lovely gong fu experience!


    Price: $ 12.39 / 2oz. Bag


    Rooibos Matcha

    Red Matcha

    Description: Many people have heard of Green Matcha but only a few have had the privilege of sampling the wonderful delights of Rooibos Matcha. Like its name, its flaming red color adds a unique twist to any high tea party and a special flavor to any tea gathering. Rooibos matcha makes an excellent social drink because it can be taken either hot or cold. This means that, it can form a cool afternoon drink on a hot sultry day or a steaming hot beverage on a cold winter evening. Either way, the flavor, ambience and smell of Rooibos Matcha leaves the drinker wonderfully refreshed and more nutritionally robust.


    Rooibos matcha has a wide range of health benefits that can truly make a difference in the lives of its imbibers. These include lowering hypertension, treating eczema, asthma and other allergies, aches and pains like headaches and stomach cramps. Studies have also revealed it to have a number of cardiovascular benefits. It also relaxes its drinkers and cures many of the wakefulness that signifies insomnia. This makes it an exceptional comfort drink that brings back the smile onto the face of its takers.


    One key advantage of Rooibos Matcha is that it does not contain caffeine. This means that, it is safe for the whole family especially young growing children. In kids with a tendency towards getting frequent colds, sore throats or flu, this tea becomes a true healer and reliever. It therefore makes a wonderful companion during the cold and rainy winter months when susceptibility to throat infections is very high. It also provides the required moisture to keep the body well hydrated during the blisteringly hot summer months.


    For those who want to slow down the effects of aging, Rooibos Matcha is the tea for them. This is because; this tea is an excellent skin tonic. It contains natural zinc that it known to prevent skin disorders including acne. In people with skin ailments,  RooibosMatcha can be ingested as well as applied directly to the offending skin area for quick soothing relief. It also contains calcium that is a bone fortifier. This makes it a good alternative for people who are allergic to diary products


    Price: $5.99 / 1oz. Bag