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    Black tea, sometimes known as English Breakfast tea or Red tea, is the most commonly consumed tea in the world. We only sell full-leaf black tea from Yunnan, Anhui and the legendary Lapsang farm in the Wu Yi Mountains. In fact, black tea originated in the Wu Yi Mountains. These teas are finally being acknowledged in China as genuinely top quality teas in their own right. They are hand-picked and laboriously hand processed, achieving the exact amount of oxidation to produce the unique rich, robust black tea flavor and beautiful amber red color. Black tea is usually taken with milk, sugar or other flavorings (a tradition that was initiated to hide poor taste!) but we recommend enjoying our teas pure. You’ll never look at black tea the same way again.


    Lapsang Bohea

    Black Tea Tampa

    Wu Yi Mountain Lapsang (original home of black tea)

    Description: Bohea (Boo-he) is the world’s first black tea created by innovative tea farmers in the small village of Tongmu in Northeastern China. This certified organic tea comes directly from the original Lapsang Farm in the Wu Yi Mountains. It is made from young tea buds and fresh leaves creating a deep amber liquor, and a clean, sweet flavor known as longan, the trademark of Bohea tea.


    Price: $ 12.39 / 2oz. Bag


    South China Black Dragon

    Guangxi Region

    Description: South China Black Dragon (桂红工夫) is a black tea, specialty tea of China’s Guangxi. South China Black Dragon tea features tightly shaped black and gold leaves that infuse to a bright red and soft color, producing a transparent, brilliant red tea with a fresh, sweet aroma. South China Black Dragon tea has a beautifully mellow, fresh, and brisk taste.


    Price: $ 12.39 / 2oz. Bag


    Lu Bao (Cake)

    Guangxi Province

    Boosts immunity and efficiency, tone up, normalizes the pulse. Highly useful for people with disease of the alimentary system and metabolic disorder. As well it can control metabolism of fats and cholesterol, and therefore is considered an effective natural remedy of weight normalization. Tea removes alcoholic intoxication and good for stomach trouble. As good as expensive wine, it becomes better and more expensive with the passing of the years.

    Taste: Nosey black tea with woody tincture, and light nutty flavor.

    Origin: China, Province Guangxi

    Harvest period: 20 years

    Shelf-Life: Many Years

    Infusion method:

    Tea is brewed with water temp. between 180f to 200f , first brew at once should be drained. This way tea will be washed and steamed. Second brew is brewed during about 1 minute and after that tea water should be separated from tea leaves. One dose of tea can be brewed up to 10 times. If during one day tea is brewed seldom, the tea leaves without water can be kept inside refrigerator up to 3 days.


    Price: $ 29.99 / 250g Cake


    Lu Bao (Loose)


    Guangxi Province


    Lu Bao tea produces at Guangxi province. The name gets from its origin of Lubao village, Cangwu county, Wuzhou city. The history of Liu Bao can be traced back to 1500 years years ago. In 18th century, this tea was very popular and was one of the top 24 famous teas. Traditionally, Liu Bao tea mainly sells to Canton province, Hong Kong, Macao, and south-east Asian countries. People drink it as everyday beverage and for medicinal propose.

    Health Benefits:
    Loose leaf Lu Bao Tea is known as eurotium cristatum, is a dominant fungus in the production process.
    The scientist has only identified this natural microorganism in the past 30 years. The Institute of Food Science, Jishou University study that “ Eurotium cristatum improves the digestion and absorption of starch and protein, but inhibits the decomposition and absorption of fat.”

    Helps with any stomach trouble and will help you loose weight

    Very smooth and mild taste, delicious aftertaste.


    Price: $ 12.99 / 2.5 oz bag