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    Dr. Oz on Pu-erh Tea Tea and White Tea during his Feb. 22, 2012 Episode:

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    Puer Tea and White Tea are Special teas to help you lose weight all day long.

    Dr. Oz has a tea for the morning, tea for the afternoon and night. Drinking Tea is one of the easiest ways to lose weight, but only if you drink the right kind of tea at the right time can it actually shrink fat cells and burn blubber.


    Timing and tea is an important factor in weight loss. By drinking the right tea at the right time, it can increase your energy and metabolism in the morning, reduce your stress come lunch time, throw away and metabolize fat in the afternoon, and in the evening tea is a craving killer for you.


    So what are Dr. Oz ‘s weight loss Tea?


    Dr. Oz on PU-ERH Tea:

    PU-ERH TEA – Pu-erh tea shrinks fat cells in the morning, this tea comes from Eastern China. Have a cup or two or pu-erh tea in the morning. Scientists have said that there is an activating enzyme in this tea that will literally shrink fat cells. The tea is very mild and you don’t need sugar!


    Dr. Oz on White Tea:

    WHITE TEA – Have white tea for lunch — White tea to block fat absorption at lunch, have yourself two cups of white tea to prevent that fat storage from the meal you just ate. Drinking white tea viagra pfizer buy online reduces the storage ability of fat getting into fat cells. EGCG is the active ingredient in this tea that will metabolize fat better turning you into a fat burning machine. Plus the theanine in tea come lunch time will help reduce stress.



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