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    Ming Ming Tea history is as ancient as China because our teas originate from China. We grow them on family farms and they are hand harvested. These ancient methods have been carried on for generations to give you the most delicious flavors and health benefits.

    tea farmWhy Organic Green Tea Offers the Highest Health Benefits?


    • From several centuries-old Chinese tea farm
    • 100% organically grown without pesticides.
    • Hand picked tea leaves
    • Only the first crop (the best) of each season is used
    • Steamed to lock in flavor & nutritional values immediately after being picked
    • Packed at the farm to maintain maximum quality standards
    • Fresh teas are shipped via Air-Express directly and immediately to you

    How Does This Benefit YOU?

    So what does all this buzz about the health benefits attributed to Green Tea have to do for you? Well, Chinese green tea has been used for medicinal purposes for over 4000 years in China (including by Chinese Emperors and Monks) which means you too can benefit today. Especially because the foods we eat today have very little nutrients and are loaded with chemicals.
    Drinking green tea helps to offset not only the lack of nutrition in foods but also many stress factors in today’s fast paced highly culture. But if the quality of the green tea you’re drinking is substandard – what kind of health benefit should you expect? Not much. Many green teas, and black teas go through a heavy fermentation process. That means they lose at least 1/3 to 2/3 of their nutrients and antioxidants by the time they become a finished product. These mass produced teas also take many months and even years to make it to your store so their taste and nutritional value have been seriously diminished. You benefit from the most delicious and nutritious teas at affordable prices. Shop at the Tampa/St.Pete location or online store.

    How Can Ming Ming Tea Offer Highest Quality Teas to the World?

    tea picker

    Huang Tea is now available to the world through Ming Ming Tea. The owner Ming Ming grew up on her parent’s several centuries-old tea farm in West Lake, Fujian, China. The Province of Fujian is in Southeast China, close to the beautiful Wuyi Mountains. The West Lake Region of Fujian is famous for its production. The perfect climate and pristine environment produces finest tea in the world.
    Years ago she came to the U.S. with her husband Gregg and was shocked to find there was no high quality Green Tea. Having come from a family that grew the finest, this was hard to believe. She and Gregg knew people who cared about their health would appreciate the tea her family was well known for. So Ming Ming Tea Co. in St. Pete Tampa area and also online store were established. Now you can have the highest quality tea and unique gifts at affordable prices.

    What Makes Ming Ming Tea a Top Organic Green Tea?

    Fresh organic tea leaves are hand selected

    The Huang Tea Farm has been producing tea for several centuries. They have the knowledge and experience to produce top quality products. Because the leaves are susceptible to the elements, the better the environment it’s grown in, the healthier the tea. The farm is located in a remote high mountain area where the soil is rich and the air is clean. The West Lake water running through it is crystal clear. The leaves are handpicked and especially selected. There is no machine on earth that can do that, yet most of the products sold in America is picked by machine.
    The fresh leaves are then steamed immediately as this stops them from oxidizing. Steaming the raw leaves locks in all the nutrients such as multi-vitamins, antioxidants, and EGCG. Unfortunately, the vast majority of consumed in America comes from fermented leaves, which causes the beneficial natural compounds like EGCG to convert into other compounds. These are not effective in preventing and fighting diseases.
    Since our Tea is air-shipped and delivered to our store in 3 days from the Huang Family’s facilities in China, they are far fresher than even in the health food stores. They have the ability to shift your body’s Ph level toward more alkaline balance. Cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment; therefore it’s a great tea to help prevent cancer. The region where the tea comes from in Fujian, China statistically shows the lowest cancer rate in the world. By drinking green tea in loose form, you are not only getting multiple vitamins and antioxidants, but also the fiber and chlorophyll from the leaf.
    There you have it –the secrets behind the finest and freshest green tea available anywhere. Enjoy our tea in good health.